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Foto mini_565l

This board, is based on the well known PowerPC-RISC-CPU of Freescale (Motorola), like the OAK_EMUF. Installed is a special version, with integrated Flash which includes chip select logic, timer, counter and interrupt management, CAN, TUP and many other features. An independent floating point increases high performance. Fast Burst RAMs as well as Burst Flashes are used for constant high throughput even in large applications. Documentation (hardware, sample source code, data sheets, description etc.) are available on CD. 

PowerPC is a trademark of IBM Corp. used by Motorola under license from IBM Corp. OS-9 is a trademark of Mircoware.

Hardware: Software support: Special features:
  • Freescale (Motorola) 565 CPU, 50MHz  
  • Burst RAM max. 8MB (2x1Mx36bit), Burst EPROM 4MB (2x1Mx16bit)  
  • CAN
  • Ethernet 100Mb
  • Serial V24 interface
  • SPI serial high speed interface
  • Digital I/O, A/D inputs 
  • 40 timer, counter, PWM
  • XPGA (Lattice) with 32bit Bus to PowerPC Processor and 100MHz basis clock rate to rise performance
  • Multi layer board, 140x80mm, +7..+25V Input, ca. 300mA current drain at +12V
  • Expansion connector
  • Operating temperature -20 - +85°C, tested successfully up to +115°C
  • Initialization by flash EPROM
  • BDM debug interface
  • Flash EPROM software
  • Initialization source code
  • OS-9 real time operating system
  • OS-9 Board support package
  • C++ compiler / assembler
  • TCP/IP support with OS-9
  • Platform ID (Wind River Platform for Industrial Devices)
  • VxWorks
  • individual solutions by Bals Hard- und Software
  • XPGA additionally programmable via CPUprogrammierbar.
  • Processor signals at expansion connector can be routed  via XPGA500
  • Oparation as piggy-back board as well as stand-alone board possible
  • Front side elements are:
    -LEDs for +2.6V, +3.3V, +5V, Reset and LAN
    -V24 , LAN- and DC-connector.
  • Front panel for 19" plug-in also available


oak_emuf block diagram



part order no. description
MINI_565L Hardware PLB-97313-000 Tested board, complete documentation
GEH-?????-000 Front panel for 19" plug-in
OS-9 BSP MINI_565L SFT-99956-000 OS-9 Board Support Package, OS-9 TCP/IP driver, OS-9 driver for complete i/o handling
Useful tools for first setup:
EBDI_PLUS GER-99932-000 Our recommendation for putting the board into operation, programming Flash-EPROM... : Enhanced Background Debug Interface/Software.
LSI_PRG PLB-97293-000 Programing of XPGA500
Interface between BDM/JTAG and PC (LPT)
BDM/JTAG PLB-97367-000 adapter to connect EBDI and LSI_Prog to Mini_565 (26pin cable included)
Recommended enhancement from other suppliers:

MPC556 Software, Bals HW & SW

Microware Hawk™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE), RadiSys

Microware OS-9 RTOS, RadiSys

Platform ID: Wind River external linkPlatform for Industrial Devices, an embedded integrated platform for industrial device development.

C Compiler:
external link
CodeWarrior™ Development Studio PowerPC® ISA, Metrowerks
external link
Diab™ C/C++ compiler suite, Wind River
external linkGCC, GNU Compiler Collection
external link
Optimizing C Compilers, Green Hills™



external linkCompact Dynamics GmbH
external linkFachhochschule München

A joint project between Bals, Hard- and Software and Ing. Buero W. Kanis GmbH.

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