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This board, is based on the well known PowerPC-RISC-CPU of Freescale (Motorola), like the OAK_EMUF. Installed is a special version, with integrated Flash which includes chip select logic, timer, counter and interrupt management, CAN, TUP and many other features. An independent floating point increases high performance. Fast Burst RAMs are used for constant high throughput also in large applications. 32 bit connection of ASIC and CPU enables you to to run functions parallel in CPU and ASIC, e.g. to shift IP-functions to the ASIC. Documentation (hardware, sample source code, data sheets,  listings, setup samples, etc.) are available on CD. 

PowerPC is a trademark of IBM Corp. used by Motorola under license from IBM Corp. OS-9 is a trademark of Mircoware.



  • Freescale (Motorola) 565 CPU, 40MHz  
  • Actel ProASIC PLUS Flash FPGAs (APA)
  • 2xFlash EPROM 1Mx16bit
    2xBurst SRAM 1Mx36bit
  • 3xCAN
  • Ethernet 100Mb, twisted pair  
  • Serial V24 and RS485 interface  
  • QSPI serial high speed interface  
  • 2x16 digital I/O, 48 A/D inputs 
  • 40 timer, counter, PWM
  • Debug interface: BDM and Nexus
  • LEDs for power, reset, I/O, network and debug
  • reset button
  • Multi layer board, +8V..45V/6W 
  • Expansion connector


  • Initialization by flash EPROM  
  • BDM debug interface  
  • Flash EPROM software  
  • Initialization source code  
  • OS-9 real time operating system  
  • OS-9 Board support package  
  • C++ compiler / assembler  
  • TCP/IP support with OS-9  
  • Support by internet  
  • Programming samples  


photo 565_EMUF



565_emuf block diagram



part number

content of delivery
565_EMUF Hardware PLB-97415-000 tested board, Actel ProASIC PLUS optional, other RAM/ROM on demand, complete documentation
Actel APA750
ProASIC PLUS Flash FPGAs, PQFP208, other devices of this family on demand
OS-9 BSP 565_EMUF SFT-99957-000 OS-9 Board Support Package, OS-9 TCP/IP driver, OS-9 driver for complete i/o handling
Our recommendation for putting the board into operation, programming Flash-EPROM... : Enhanced Background Debug Interface/Software
Empfohlene Angebote von Drittanbietern:

MPC556 Software von Bals HW & SW

Microware Hawk™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE), RadiSys

Microware OS-9 RTOS, RadiSys

Platform ID: Wind River external linkPlatform for Industrial Devices, an embedded integrated platform for industrial device development.

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