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  • Freescale (Motorola) 5554 CPU, 150MHz
  • Flash FPGA
  • Burst Flash 8MB, 2xBurst SRAM 4MB
  • 3xCAN, Ethernet 100Mb, twisted pair
  • Serial V24 and RS485 interface,
    QSPI serial high speed interface
  • 2x16 digital I/O, 48 A/D inputs
  • 40 timer, counter, PWM
  • Debug interface: BDM and Nexus
  • LEDs
  • reset button
  • Multi layer board, 160x100mm, +8V..15V
  • Expansion connector
foto 5554EMUF


block diagram 5554EMUF


part order no. description
5554EMUF Hardware obsolete Tested board, complete documentation
OS-9 BSP 5554EMUF obsolete OS-9 Board Support Package, OS-9 TCP/IP driver, OS-9 driver for complete i/o handling
Useful tools for first setup:
EBDI-PLUS GER-99932-000 Our recommendation for putting the board into operation, programming Flash-EPROM...: Enhanced Background Debug Interface/Software.
JTAG_EXT_ADAP  PLB-97153-000 adapter to connect 5554EMUF to JTAG Debug Interface (26pin cable included)
Recommended enhancement from other suppliers:

MPC5554 Software von Bals HW & SW

Microware Hawk™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE), RadiSys

Microware OS-9 RTOS, RadiSys

A joint project between Bals, Hard- and Software and Ing. Buero W. Kanis GmbH.

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