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MPC5510 Evaluation Board

The MPC5510 family is the first automotive 32-bit microcontroller,
built on Power Architecture™ technology, featuring flexible
low-power modes.
This high-performance MCU inherits the single cycle access flash
memory and advanced peripherals from the existing MPC5500 product families.

 Ein Projekt entwickelt für und mit:Freescale

This board has been designed as an evaluation board for the MPC5510 Microcontroller. Central to the board is the MPC5510 Power Architecture™ based microcontroller (MCU), which supports CAN, LIN, FlexRay, I2C and RS232 protocols. The 5510_LITE board includes the associated physical interfaces for RS232, CAN and LIN.

  • Freescale MPC5510 Dual-core 32-bit MCU
  • MC33905 System Basis Chip Gen2 with Voltage Regulator, High Speed CAN and LIN physical Interfaces
  • Provides extensive communication capabilities including FlexRay, multiple CANs and LINs, I2C
  • JTAG and Nexus Class 2+ debug support
  • Up to 6 CAN *
  • Up to 6 LIN / UART / RS232 *
  • I2C *
  • Flexray (needs crystal change) *
  • MLB (interface to a MOST-Transceiver) *
  • Up to 40 channels analog inputs 0-5V *
  • General purpose LEDs
  • Power supply 9V ..18V DC
  • Many additional connectors, JTAG, NEXUS, I/O, LCD
  • 80 KByte RAM
  • Five Keys
  • LCD interface
  • DIL Switch
  • Reset Button
  • 1.5 MByte FLASH
  • Size circa 100x100mm

    * availability depends on pin - muxing


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5510_LITE Hardware PLB-99671-000 bestückte, geprüfte Platine, komplette Dokumentation
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