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Design - Development - Manufacture - Test

Turning your ideas to a specification.
Development and construction of your product to your specifications.
Designing your schematics with professional CAD-Systems like external linkPADS, Protel, external link Eagle, or Omation.
Making the "Gerber"- and the drill files.
PCB-procuring (single-, double- or multilayer-PCB's,
selective with solder mask, partial tinning, etc.).
automatic assembly
Material procuring, if it is not in stock.
Manual and automatic assembly of HMT and SMT components.
automatic assembly
reflow oven ets330
PCB cleaning e.g.with ultrasonic waves.
wave soldering machine hf3
test area
Quality control e.g.with optical test, function test, incircuittest.
Documentation according to ISO9001 and ISO13485
adapter for testing
control area You can call on us for the whole production process or just a part of it. PCB at test