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Eagle Layout Service:
The file lbr_doc_kanis.zip contains detailed information which parts are stored in which library. (111KB)
The file lbr_kanis.zip contains the libraries. (2.9MB, including lbr_doc_kanis.zip and history.txt)
Changes and Updates of the library can be seen in the file history.txt. (46KByte)

The EAGLE Library
lbr_kanis contains our package libraries which have been developed according to our practical needs.The packages have been defined in a way that all of the parameters (pad size, solder stop, drill diameter, etc.) are well adjusted and updated continuously. Many shapes are mirrored, rotated, or defined in different mounting positions. The pad sizes are optimized for silkscreen and soldering stations. Most of them have already been used in practice, so that you can expect reasonable results right from the start.

Should you discover a bug or something else which can be improved,
please send an email.Sorry but Kanis GmbH can take no responsibility for the complete accuracy of information included in the library files.

 Layout Layout
If you have no time or prefer to hire a specialist we can do your layouts for you. We have experience in layouting for 20 years.
 PCB Boards
We can organize the manufacturing of your boards. Just mail us your Eagle.brd file we worry about the rest. All Layouts will be checked. We can give tips or help you to layout your board more cost-effective and faultless.
 SMT Assembly Assembly
Our printed circuit board assembly facility offers both thru-hole and surface mount technology (SMT) for prototypes and production runs.
 Contact us today for further details or to get a quote on a specific application. For more information visit our pages Service and PCBs.